Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Still life

Every so often I paint something completely different. If I feel the need for a change and generally it is a still life or a childhood memory of a steam train for example.
Anyway the still life above is one that sold in the Exhibition.

They take a while longer to paint than a landscape because I generally do several layers which dry and also because I can only concentrate for about 2 hours with the amount of small detail and my eyes need a good rest. I like still life paintings and have used different styles the ones in this exhibition owe more to a Dutch influence.
Today a reader of my blog came from Abergwili to the exhibition unbeknown to me but left a note in the comments book so many thanks for taking the trouble to come and I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. hello. i currently doing a still life painting too. but when comes to detail ones i not really good at. especially those cloth with patterns.

  2. Hi Jun
    Its not easy particularly on the eyes. The only tip I can give is to paint the larger parts of the pattern accurately and give the impression of the rest. The plate is about 4 hours work.