Wednesday, 7 December 2011


We had a very nice day today and met a few old friends, nice to see you Geraint. Nick I was surprised you had taken up painting but stick to it, it’s a great pastime although it can be frustrating at times. I first met Nick I think when I was in Welshpool many years ago. That was a bit like being at the end of the World. I went there as a policeman in 1975 having transferred from Birmingham City. The shift such as it was has all but passed on now but their faces remain in my memory as do some of the stories. I can relate some others not.

Many Police Officers in those days had served in the Second World War and had a singular outlook on life and many/most had a black and wicked sense of humour. The Police Station was opposite the Council Offices and officers would park their cars if they had one in the car park facing the iron railings. One day a very irate PC Jones came into the station muttering all kinds of threats. He had got into his car and reversed backwards to go home only to hear a loud bang and clatter. Someone had tied his front bumper to the railings! He suspected rightly that it was the work of his colleagues but he was greeted with sympathy and offers to assist in looking for the vandals that obviously had a grudge against the police.

Now I guess this sort of behaviour might sound odd and truthfully it is but that is how they dealt with pressures and you were probably more at risk from your colleagues than the miscreants who were dealt with in a similarly robust manner.

You may be relieved to hear this sort of behaviour is less common these days and a more politically correct and less interesting Police Service is managing your issues.

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