Saturday, 10 December 2011

The painting above is of the Brecon Beacons and sold this week. It was nice to have Pat and Clive call in to see us. They were great neighbours and we have known them years.

Another couple of friends came into the Exhibition to see us a right couple of WAGS in the old sense of the term not Wives and Girlfriends. Glyn and Quentin are oh I don’t know 77 – 80 years old. Loud, grumpy, humorous are some of the adjectives you could use to describe them but never boring.

Quentin was explaining how he took he fell over yesterday morning on the yard taking his ferret for a walk! This was interspersed with loud laughs from Glyn that must have resounded around the building making the librarians shudder. Glyn then told a tale about Quentin.

Quentin had recently been cleaning up a grave in the local churchyard. A local farmer stopped on his Massey Ferguson Tractor leaned out of the cab and enquired over the hedge what Quentin was about.

Quentin told him he had got in to a fight in a pub in town and had been given 20 hours community service. With that the farmer put his foot on the accelerator and drove off.

Quentin thought nothing more of it until several days later he was in Carmarthen when a young lady came up to him and told him how sorry she was to hear that he had got in to trouble and had an ASBO and 100 hours community service for fighting.

Of course Quentin has never been in trouble in his life (not bad for an elderly Septuagenarian) and by now this story had spread to having been given an ASBO and an increase to 100 hours community service. Both Glyn and Quentin were in stitches at this point in the story.

Anyway not a bad day in the Exhibition but I have had enough now and look forward to a days painting.

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