Sunday, 18 December 2011

Cutting Edge?

The above is a drawing I did of Marie –Vigee Le Brun an excellent artist who was a friend of Marie Antoinette. She fled to England during the French Revolution. The drawing was one just for practice I did quite a few years ago.

I would be interested to have heard her views on the annual irony that is the Turner Prize. I haven’t mentioned this year’s selection but I note that it was the same old, same old, no it isn’t cutting edge. Yes we have seen footage loops of still life...etc.etc. before.
In the 60’s it was done with a projector now it is mandatory for every exhibition to have at least 2 digital projectors and an odd noise. Oh and yes we have seen bits of wood knocked together before. The last time I did this was when we were putting a stud wall up but we did have the grace to cover it with plasterboard.

Anyway art is subjective but mistaking an art exhibition for a freecycle collection is an easy thing to do these days.

Don't be despondent there are interesting and talented contemporary artists you just have to look for them and use your own opinion for example Andy Goldsworthy see the link below:

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  1. There's a fine line between genius and insanity, and sometimes most people don't know where that line lies.