Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Big numbers

Carrying a small drawing pad is a good habit and allows you to sketch anytime. I did the pen and ink sketch above in Harlech. Pen and ink itself is challenging in this format, as it doesn’t allow for any mistakes. This being the case you are pretty particular on the relative sizes and positions in a composition before you draw them.

My idea of a perfect design surrounds the functionality of the object. For example what do I want in a watch? I want it to tell the correct time always, not need winding up, be clear and easily read in the day and night, be totally waterproof, and be comfortable to wear. I also don’t want it to be flamboyant. I want simple clean lines. With this specification it is already nearly a winning design for me. Oh I want it to be reasonably priced too so I can wear it all the time. My watch is all of these things.

I bring this up because one of our daughters bought me a mobile phone for Christmas.
I am not a technophobe but I am not one to text or spend endless hours babbling on the phone. I did have a mobile phone a Nokia that cost about £12 a few years ago. It had no features except you could text with it and phone with it. It didn’t even have a camera. It is Pay as you go costing me about £10 for 6 months. One problem I did have with it was that it was difficult to see without my glasses. So they bought me a pay as you go phone with large numerals. It is great.
It is no larger than my previous one and is lighter. It ticks all the boxes of functionality I need and is simple.

Okay a different colour might improve it aesthetically but other than that it’s a perfect design.

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