Thursday, 29 December 2011

How to survive at Xmas

The sketches above are taken from this Christmas' pocket sketchbook. Doing these sketches keeps me occupied during the festivities. All good practice and in any case Alex won’t let me read a book when we are visiting. She says it’s disrespectful and to be fair she’s probably right (again). Sketching though is apparently not frowned upon. I do actually enjoy Christmas but I run out of anything meaningful to contribute to a conversation after about 5 minutes.
So sketching is a life saver.

We are in the gallery today so normality is returning to some extent. We were expecting relatives to come and stop but very sadly they have colds so they have cancelled. At the weekend we have 2 of the grandchildren staying oh and we are looking after our son’s dog while they are away.

Tomorrow we must visit the gym ~ well I must anyway. Then next week painting, god willing?

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