Monday, 19 December 2011

At Sea

The watercolour sketch above is of Druidstone looking out at St Brides Bay with 2 tankers at anchor.

We have sailed across St Brides Bay on many occasions. On one windy evening we anchored under the cliffs at Goultropp Roads and were perfectly sheltered from the prevailing wind. I didn’t sleep that well in case the wind changed direction in which case you could be blown on to the cliffs. Several ships have foundered here so we took no chances in our 32ft yacht. The Wasp, the Dogstar, the Sylph, the True Bess and the Briton are all ships that have gone down here over the last 2 centuries.

Today was mixed a bit like sunshine on a lumpy sea. We sold a framed print ~ fine. But I had to change the connector on our water closet (wc) and although I got a replacement part it was an inch longer than the original which meant having to move all the other connections..not a nice job!

Then Orange locked me out of my email! Why? I am accused of being a spammer. I sent two messages to ten of the artists and craftmakers in the co-operative and Orange locked my account without warning. I have to wait for them to decide if they will activate it and there is no contact telephone number. There is an email address (how you manage if you only have the email account they locked I don’t know!).

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