Saturday, 3 December 2011

Last Christmas

The painting above is of Abergwili and the brook in the snow last Christmas. It sold yesterday. So far the exhibition is going very well. We have met a lot of very interesting people and sold well. Last night we went to Alex’s mom who kindly made us dinner.

Thanks to Mal Pope this morning on Radio Wales for the plug.

I watched the Scarlets on TV last night and then had an early night. Hopefully a busy day today.

I said yesterday I ended up in the Police in the early 70’s. How times change. I needed a job and wanted one outside not being an office type person. I went to the army recruiting and the police on the same day. Within 2 weeks I was in the Police. Basically the Police were well under strength, under paid and they had a jacket that fitted me so I was in. The main thing was I had a roof over my head.

These days you need a degree in god knows what to get in the Police. In my time it was a just degree of common sense (perhaps that’s a bit optimistic too thinking about it, present company excepted).
Anyway back to this century we are off to the exhibition.

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