Sunday, 4 December 2011


The picture above of Mwnt went this week. It is a lovely place and with a clear sky, dolphins in the bay and a beautiful view there is nowhere better.

Yesterday a family came into the exhibition. They walked up to the first paintings a sigh came out of their mouths, “Have you seen the price of these? “ and they turned around and walked straight out.

Now I was disappointed on a number of counts and also slightly embarrassed. Firstly the cost of the painting may have been more than they could spend at Christmas for everything. So I was very empathetic. I was sorry they didn’t walk around and enjoy the paintings because although it is helpful if they sell (which they do) I really like to see people enjoying my work. I was also sorry that I hadn’t thought to put some small cheaper items at the beginning of the exhibition such as cards/postcards so people don’t feel embarrassed about being there.

My paintings are by all comparison very cheap and I only expect a good days pay for a good days work. Nevertheless they are still a luxury outside many peoples pocket something I am glad to be reminded of. Being humbled occasionally is no bad thing.

Today the exhibition is shut being Sunday and Alex has been dealing with orders from this week. I have been sat at the computer dealing with “malware problems”.

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