Saturday, 31 December 2011

A Helping hand?

Happy New Year to all. I have been working on the commission today. Pretty well finished I think. I Also walked the dogs and have been shopping for Alex.

The computer has been playing up for a while and I am not sure if it is a hardware or software problem. It is working but frustratingly freezes when you don’t want it to. I have found many bugs and issues but nothing that has fixed it yet. I don’t want to change it or take it for repair? But I feel it is getting to that option. Last time I took a PC in I was told it had had it and who knows maybe it had. Anyway enough about boring stuff.

One New Years Eve I was working on a cold frosty evening. I was the observer in a Police Patrol car when we came around a corner to find a motorcycle and rider across the road. Somehow my companion managed to avoid the rider and motorcycle, no mean fete as the road was quite slippy. The lad as I recall was a student and his mount was a Jawa 250, not really a thing to boast about quite utilitarian machine. Anyway having brushed him down and established he was unhurt we looked at his motorcycle. He had a fair way to go, no money and no other means of getting there. His motorbike had lost its front mudguard and bent the handlebars and gear lever. He was a nice enough lad and we spent some time helping him. We had a piece of scaffold pole we used for removing Krooklocks on illegally parked vehicles. We used this to bend his handlebars and gear lever back into useable condition. We found some baler twine in the hedge and tied his front mudguard up for him. He was most grateful. He tried to start the machine, (they always were a bugger to start as I recall along with the CZ it counterpart). Anyway we told him to sit on the bike and let the clutch in when going at a reasonable speed. This was easy as we were at the top of a hill.

He thanked us profusely and got on the bike and disappeared down the hill. We watched his taillight until we heard the machine start and saw him going down the hill towards the corner at the bottom. Our hearts were in our mouths as we saw him fail to negotiate the right hand bend and continue straight on through the hedge. We ran down after him. While my partner got him out of the hedge I recovered the bike. It was then I noticed that in the dark the mudguard and front forks had been tied up tight to the frame and stopped the front wheel turning. I quickly re tied the mudguard and got it into a road worthy condition. The poor lad was mystified but swore he would sell the infernal machine as soon as he could. Eventually he got on his way no worse for his adventures and fortunately no wiser.

Is this story true? I will let you decide.

Oh and the sketch its Paxton's Tower Towy Valley.

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