Monday, 12 December 2011

Moriath Glass

The above painting of the Towy Valley sold during the exhibition. We have now taken all the work down and got it home before the gales come in. One of the most challenging parts about exhibitions is how to transport a large number of paintings without scratching or damaging the frames. This can easily happen and lose you time and money replacing the frame. We have made interlocking crates to transport and store the paintings. These work well but are still a problem if it is raining.

I went to watch Scarlets play Munster on Saturday with our son. When we arrived we went into the refreshment area. All of a sudden the light was blocked out by a large silhouette accompanied by a loud booming voice.
“Hello Mr Cox.”
It was John a retired policeman. I had known John for about 20 years. A kind of “gentle” giant who had played for Llanelli in the 1970’s. John always treated people with the respect they deserved and in some cases this wasn’t a lot. I had got to know him quite well and had a lot of time for him. I am pleased he is doing well for himself and has hardly aged at all. I doubt there are many left like him. As for the game it was pretty poor, well we lost lets put it like that.

This morning I awoke and put on the radio at 5.30am to hear about Crafts Alive and more interestingly a long interview with Moira White a glassmaker. Moira used to be Chair of Origin and did an excellent job. She has a studio out in Drefach although I believe it is closed for the year now.
A link to her website is

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