Thursday, 8 December 2011

Simples !

The painting above sold this week and is another still life, featuring that well used item a sugar shaker. Actually I am not sure we even have sugar in the house never mind a sugar shaker.

We sat down at half eight last night and watched Masterchef. It is oddly interesting featuring a sense you cannot use through the medium of television. Cooking is all about taste so why is it so compelling to watch it?
It has many similarities to art or is it just that the chefs are trying to bring it to that level to justify high prices?

Do some people appreciate something more if they are told it is High Art or something only an elite number of persons can appreciate? Probably. It is quite a good marketing ploy anyway.

For me it is quite simple.

I think in relation to a painting
“Would I like to look at it on my wall?”

In relation to food
“Do I like the taste of it?”

There again Alex says I am quite simple!

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