Sunday, 11 December 2011


The painting of Druidstone above sold yesterday on the last day of the exhibition. In all it was a very successful exhibition, we met a lot of nice people and old friends, sold well and made a good sum for a worthwhile charity.

Yesterday I came home at lunchtime to walk the dog and see my mom. Making my lunch I heard the ping of a smoke detector indicating its end of battery life.

Now we have several detectors, 5 in fact. It isn’t always easy to identify which one is going off particularly as they go off intermittently and are at ceiling height. I was up and downstairs trying to identify which one it was and eventually tracked it down to one in our hall.

I found a new battery and removed the detector only to find it had a non-replaceable battery. I put it in the garage and then thought, “I will still be able to hear that annoying ping,” so I got the pincers, snipped the wires and threw it in the bin.

As I walked back into the hall I heard that “Ping” again. Yes, I had binned the wrong one!

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