Friday, 6 May 2011

Tug Anglegarth ~ Milford Haven

I spent the morning re-working the above painting which shows the Tug Anglegarth coming into Milford Haven. There wasn’t a great deal wrong with it but I felt it could do with a bit more depth. So I did a bit of work on the sky and the Tug. I also finished a couple of paintings with the final glazes. Sometimes I use glazes on paintings other times I don’t it. It purely depends on the finish I am after. Glazes tend to make colours deeper and glossy. Without any glazing a painting tends to be softer. I them walked the dog and went for diesel for the car.

I am off to the rugby tonight, probably the last game of the season. Alex is staying behind and will be cooking for her mom who is coming around. Alex has been busy framing and sorting out some postcards, which are being printed.

The first day of our Exhibition at Aberglasney Macmillan are holding a garden party there. This is very good of them. I hope it is very successful. We have supported Macmillan for the last couple of years and it will be nice to see the committee members again.

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