Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Cornish Tin mines

The watercolour below is of Tin Mines in Cornwall near Roche from last weeks visit.

Yesterday was spent helping Alex’s mother who has moved into her new home. We had to add an extension fro her telephone and broadband, which meant a bit of a torturous route through fitted furniture into the loft and down again 20 metres in all and then find it didn’t work. The new wiring and plug had a break in the plug! Anyway to cut a long story short we fixed it by cutting off the plug and wiring it direct and she can now read this blog.

Today I have to start on a commission, which is pretty tight to get finished due to the drying time. We also have three of the grandchildren today and have to collect my mom from respite care so it guarantees being chaotic. I have another big commission to do in the next couple of weeks and Alex still has a lot to do to get ready for the next exhibition so its fingers crossed

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