Monday, 23 May 2011

Knitting and the Martial Arts

When we went to Pembrey Country Park yesterday we walked the dog and I dozed while Alex knitted. I also finished off my book. It was a day for relaxation but I did feel the need for a quick watercolour sketch. So there it is above. It is in some ways influenced by Japanese Woodcuts, which is quite appropriate really.

When Alex and I were first married she worked for some time as a typist for a National Trade Union. She got on fine and for the most part enjoyed it. Until one day a National Official called at the office. He was well known and very full of himself. For whatever reason he apparently treated her very badly to the point that she came home extremely upset.

So much for workers rights. I consequently spoke to them and made my feelings known to them. Shortly after she resigned and took up another job.

Alex and I both did Karate for many years and I only gave up at 40 because I felt I was getting a bit past it and was also concerned it may be affecting my fingers and my painting.

Karate in my experience is more about the mind than the body although others may differ. There is no doubt that it builds confidence in all aspects of your life.

Alex later went on to train and work in a boatyard as a marine engineer. She was the only female. Her experience in working in a very tough all male environment was totally at odds with her work for the Trade Union. She was treated with total respect by all concerned and when she finally left they did all they could to try and persuade her to stay with offers of more money and her own team.

My point is I would like to see her reaction to that Union Official now.

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