Sunday, 22 May 2011

Let there be light

The painting above is of washing in Venice. I was disappointed with the painting and it is probably living in a pile of old canvases awaiting its fate. It lacks something probably quite a lot of something and I couldn’t be bothered to rescue it. Anyway we took the camper to Pembrey Country Park today for a relax as Alex in particular has been at it none stop. So a couple of walks and a siesta and a read in the van was very nice.

I once studied statistics and still have a general understanding of them, however I couldn’t tell you what the statistical chances of the following incident are.
One night I was driving Alex home from a friend’s house where we had enjoyed a pleasant meal. I was driving because I hadn’t had a drink. We were coming into Carmarthen when I saw blue lights behind us. It was a police car and we were pulled over. Now I am not a villain and am very supportive of the police who do an excellent job. So I was a little surprised but not too bothered to be stopped.

I got out of the car and was met by a female constable who asked if I knew why they were stopping me. She was accompanied by a young male officer whom I assumed she was “showing the ropes”. I told them I had no idea. She told me my front offside headlight was out.

I walked around to the front of the car while she pulled out a pocket book. I saw that the headlight as she stated was not lit. I held my breath and struck the bonnet above the headlight praying, “let there be light”, and lo there was light, it came back on.

I looked at the police officer who was still holding a pen and pocketbook and said,

“It’s a hell of a coincidence isn’t it?”

“What’s that?”

“Your front offside headlight isn’t working either,” and pointed to their police car.

Both officers walked back to their car and proceeded to gently tap the headlight, which refused to rise from the dead. Fortunately they saw the funny side and eventually one of the officers walked back to me and said, “We’ll let you off this time.”

We got back in the car and made our getaway. So what were the chances?

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