Thursday, 12 May 2011

St David's and John Sebastion

The painting above is one I finished last week and shows St David’s Cathedral in the early light of dawn with St David’s Head just visible in the distance.

Today I have been re-felting the garden shed which was giving up the ghost. This afternoon I am teaching.

This morning a CD arrived that I had ordered. Isn’t it strange how your memory can deceive you? Some 41 years ago I went to the Isle of Wight Festival and amongst those playing was John B Sebastion. I was quite taken with his songs.
Anyway by some quirk of my brain last week I suddenly thought, “ I wonder if I can get a CD of John Sebastion?” Well I did. The trouble is that having played it I much prefer my memories of him singing compared to the actual CD and Alex is not taken at all! I suppose that is the trouble with looking through rose tinted glasses.

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