Monday, 30 May 2011

Show Ring

I have put another little watercolour sketch of Pontargothi Show above. I was talking about horses yesterday. Probably the greatest painter of Horses was Stubbs and the reason is simple he knew his subject. He literally dissected them drew their muscle and tissue. His home was literally full of horse parts so probably an invitation to dinner would not be quickly accepted.

To paint anything in depth you have to understand your subject.

Copying a picture off the internet or from another painting without having ever seen the subject is asking for a poor imitation. Believe me this does happen and it doesn’t take a trained eye to see it.

A really good example is the thousands of paintings coming in from China, which include galleons, and shipping. The paintings are totally unconvincing because the artist doesn’t understand what they are trying to paint. I have painted 18th century sailing ships but I have been on sailing ships and have a good understanding of their design and rigging. Incidently I have also been privileged enough to have been wined and dined by the Royal Navy in the Captain's Cabin on HMS Victory. If I were asked to paint a Chinese Junk I would decline because I don’t know enough about them and haven’t even seen one. Strangely I rarely paint sailing ships these days.

We have had a very good month this month and are now looking forward to our Exhibition in Aberglasney next month. My eldest daughter and her family have gone home now and it is back to work.

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