Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Desert Island Discs

The painting above is of Amroth a pretty little spot in Carmarthen Bay.

Following the post I did yesterday about Cliff Lloyd the Traffic Warden in Welshpool I received an email from his daughter Pat. She told me there is a bench in the churchyard dedicated to the memory of her father and mother.
 The inscription reads:
“In Loving memory
 of Cliff and Bett Lloyd
 Park yourself and rest a while
 Think of us and maybe smile
 Park here at anytime”

What a wonderfully appropriate sentiment.

I have noted that Desert Island Discs is celebrating its anniversary this week with more than 500 shows since 1942. I am not sure what music I would take with me on a desert island. I have such a wide taste in music I would struggle to choose eight. If I had to choose 8 paintings one would be Whistlejacket by Stubbs and probably several by Edward Seago.

Anyway I should say congratulations to Leanne the producer of Desert Island Discs who is a very nice lady and is also a customer of mine.

Today I have been painting in the gallery in town this morning and working on a commission this afternoon.

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