Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Padstow ~ fishing boats

The painting above is one I did today. Although it is finished there is a good chance I may go back to it after a couple of days or maybe not as the case may be. It is of two fishing boats tied up in Padstow outer Harbour in May. I was struck by the strong contrasts of shade and light. It may or may not end up being framed for sale. I have to guess the likelihood of selling a painting of Padstow in Wales?
Last night I spent a couple of hours working out how to get my latest works on a slide show on my blog. I finally got something I was reasonably happy with. You can see it by clicking the “My Latest Works “ tab at the top of the page above the date.

No gallery for me today as it was being used by a group. Alex is stewarding in Origin Dyfed. I am teaching tomorrow and will have to cut the lawns so plenty to do.

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