Thursday, 5 May 2011

Scott's Bay

The painting above is the commission I did the other day of Scott’s Bay on the Towy Estuary.

I have been keeping busy today I have done a watercolour and will pop to the library and vote later.

I have previously mentioned one of the reasons I am not keen on using too many outlets for my work. It is a pain keeping an eye on paintings especially if they are some way away. Travelling and more importantly travelling time can virtually wipe out any money you get for a painting. A day spent taking or replacing work is a day that could be spent painting i.e. time is money. You have to totally trust the gallery owner as well. You rely on them to tell you when you have sold a painting and also to forward the cash the following month minus commission. We have previously encountered problems in this regard.

Last month I accidentally found out that one of my paintings was sold before Christmas in a gallery. They didn’t tell me and didn’t forward any cash. They are a large gallery and I put it down to an oversight. Alex phoned them and pointed out that the painting was sold nearly 6 months ago. She received no apology or explanation from I believe the manager who just a promised to pass it on to the owner. Now a month later she has again telephoned and tried to speak to the owner, received no apology or explanation. Maybe times are tight. Anyway I hope that there is a reasonable explanation behind this but whatever the circumstances their customer relations is terrible. It is my belief if you are in the wrong you apologise and rectify any fault as quickly as possible.
Frankly this only reinforces our decision to deal personally with customers and by way for exhibitions in the main. Whatever happens won’t make or break us but nevertheless it is a bit irritating.

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