Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Mini Minor .

The Painting above is one that sold this week to a very nice couple from Swansea. It shows Dinefwr Castle in the snow.

Thank you to those of you who passed comments about my contribution to Jeremy Vine’s Show today.
This morning I started a an oil painting that I have been meaning to do for a couple of years but have not really worked out the composition. Anyway it is 90% done and I think is going to be fine. It is slightly unusual in that the eye is taken into the painting and over it in an ox bow ending in the top right, it sounds odd but I think its going to work.

The meeting last night was good only a few people there which is a pity. My mother was going through some old photographs with me the other day and we came to one of a bright red mini minor motorcar.

“Whose was that?” she said.

I explained it was one that my brother and I had done up for Alex some 35- 40 years ago. We had put new wings and sills on it and re-sprayed it borrowing the use of a barn. It also had top of the range stereo tape player, pink carpet and leather steering wheel etc. To be fair it looked beautiful. The engine bits I got from Roger Ward at Motolympia. He was great to me at the time. He had a mountain of old cars going back to the thirties and he was quite happy to let me take any bits I needed for next to nothing. I used to keep our cars on the road and never bought anything new not even a bulb. Going back to the mini Alex had it a couple of years then we had to get a bigger car as the family expanded. My father had the mini then and didn’t seem to be bothered about the fluffy pink upholstery. Unfortunately my Mother and Father’s drive was at the top of a big hill near Knighton and one day he stopped the car to get out and open the gate. When he looked back the car was rolling back down the hill and eventually turned and somersaulted writing it off. Fortunately there were no other cars about at the time.

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