Thursday, 19 May 2011

Day out

Up early this morning after checking the forecast. Alex and I then went off to Mwnt. I have a commission for a large oil painting and the weather seemed perfect with the sun in the right direction as well. On the way we saw a lot of grey clouds drifting from the North and were a bit concerned that it was going to spoil it.

Anyway it was fine, literally. The clouds stayed inland and I had plenty of time to get enough reference material for the painting.
Many years ago we went to Mwnt with the children and our old dog. I remember a lady lost an engagement ring on the beach and offered £5 for anyone who could find it. I have never seen the children put so much effort into a task. They kept at it for hours. In the meantime I read and shared and ice cream with Luke (the old dog) while Alex sunbathed. Unfortunately as I recall the Lady never found her engagement ring.
On the way back today we stopped in Cilgerran a lovely little spot to let Jac have a run and dip in the river.

Later on I did some one to one tuition, which went well. The painting above is of Carmarthen Quay.

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