Monday, 16 May 2011

Paxton's Tower and the Beer Tent.

The painting above is one I did this morning of Paxton’s Tower. I did a sketch first and then did the watercolour. Most watercolours today are mainly painted wet in wet that is watercolour is added to a damp or wet surface. This painting is painted wet on dry and leaves a harder edge. This sort of style was more popular in the 1930’s and 1940’s. I personally like the style although I do use wet in wet technique as well.

Alex and her mom went to the Food Fare in the National Botanical Gardens yesterday unfortunately her mom fainted in the beer tent and scared the hell out of Alex. I think Alex is on first name terms with all the ambulance men now.She is fine now so that’s good.
Today I had a visit to the dentist at one thirty so it kind of messed up the day a bit. Fortunately we have a great dentist.
Alex collected postcards that had been printed by Andy and Adrian in Pro-Print A very good job too. She then spent the rest of the day making cards.

I am checking the weather now for the next 10 days for a trip up Ceredigion to do a commission so fingers crossed.

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