Wednesday, 1 December 2010

This is a watercolour of St David's Cathedral and sold this week. I was rather attached to the painting. I feel it is one of the best views/compositions of the Cathedral and I was pleased with the overall effect.
St. David's is a lovely City, being the smallest City in Britain. It also seems to have the most tourists in Summer! St. David apparently taught, ‘be joyful, to keep the faith and to do the little things’.
Not a bad standpoint. Lets face it no-one needs the negativity of a miserable soul and it is often the little things that mean so much in life. I once went to a talk where I was encouraged to do one good turn a day.
If thats all I could manage I would be a pretty poor human being.
Anyway today I finished the painting of David Lloyd George with a couple of small amendments.
I went to the gallery. My oh my was it cold. I did an oil painting and was fairly amazed I could get the paint out of the tubes. I was quick, very quick.
Alex has been framing and still has a lot to do ( and I keep adding to the pile ), but she is getting there with her normal steely determination.

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