Friday, 24 December 2010

Just one shake to Christmas.

This painting is now in the third quarter of completion. I have as you can see painted the main objects first and will finish by blocking in the background and finishing with the last details. The reason I did it this way was because with a lot of detail it would be all too easy to drag backgound paint with the arm, brush, or hand onto the work. The item behind the plate is a sugar shaker used for shaking sugar onto delicacies. I  had not seen one before but I found it in an antique shop for £8. It adds height to the composition.

The easel in the picture is one of five I own. I have one studio easel, one field easel and a tripod easel. I also made two easels from 2"x 4" lengths of wood with bolts and wingnuts. They are very adjustable and cost me about £12 each to make. I tend to use them most when working indoors. It is important to be able to place the area you are working on at the right height, for me about shoulder level. These easels are infinitely adjustable within the height of the easel. I use the Julian field easel outside and although it is heavy to carry around (about 13kg +) it is quite practical. The Julian does have an annoying habit of sliding shut with your work on it. The two knurled nuts that hold the lid and easel upright do not tighten sufficiently. I will change them for 2 x 5mm wing nuts one day.

So I have done my painting for the day. A coffee pot was delivered that I bought as a prop off ebay and I have taken Alex to the Gallery. Friends and family are now arriving and it is probably time to become more sociable, well it is Christmas Eve!
Happy Christmas.

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