Friday, 17 December 2010

A little glass of wine

The painting above is of the lifeboat house at Mumbles. We once sailed from Swansea to Angle Bay in Milford Haven and the last thing we saw was Mumbles Lifeboat House and Lighthouse until we were actually inside the Milford Haven. It was a little bit nerve wracking. We did have radar or we wouldn't have attempted it. As it happened there was a tanker coming out of the channel towards us in the fog bank as we entered the Haven but we only had to find shallow water to ensure we were out of his way.

Today I awoke early let the dogs out to find 2-3 ins of snow. I watched a pretty disastrous end of innings for England in the Ashes Test, and then walked the dogs. It was very quiet and we were walking on virgin snow, all very pretty.

I was a little bit delayed in starting to paint today, as the carers couldn't get to my mom. I did however get several hours painting done. I also opened a good bottle of Rioja at 10.30am. Now I do enjoy a drink but don't get worried. I still haven't touched it. I may have mentioned before I am doing a small series of Still Life Paintings and I needed a prop. A glass of wine. The painting is under way but will probably take a week. I took a while to sort out the composition and palette but I'm unusually still not quite 100% on the background tone. I am doing the rest of the painting and then I will fill it in after.

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