Thursday, 16 December 2010

At a loss

I finished the above painting today. It was a commission. Ferryside from Llansteffan Beach.
It has been an odd day. Got up early as Alex had to go off to Sutton to visit her mother who is recuperating from a hip hop, sorry op.
I watched a bit of the test (Ashes) then took the dogs out. Then the carer called me with problems with my mom.
Finally got down to some painting but then there was trouble with my mom's lights so fixed that and took the dogs out again. Had a call from Alex she is somewhat geographically challenged and somehow ended up in Dudley.
It reminds me of when my daughters got lost in Birmingham a few years ago.
They phoned me up and said,
"We are lost. We are by a Texaco Garage can you give us directions?"
At the time we were at anchor in St. Brides Bay. Not much you can say really is there?
(I guess it runs in the family).
Anyway after several circuits of the West Midlands Alex has now arrived safely.
Good news on the Co-operative front. "Origin Dyfed" won the shop window display in Carmarthen, well done Moira.
Now its time tea time.

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