Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Light and Fairies

We sold a painting yesterday of the old waterfront and quay at Carmarthen. The painting above is not the one but the subject is the same. For some reason I don't have an image of it. The one above is quite "Boudin"( French Impressionist Painter, 1824-1898) looking at it. Certainly the palette (colours used) is, although the work is not impressionistic. It is more bordering on the semi-abstract. Boudin did tend to use a lot of black and greys which was unusual for an impressionist. The impressionists were all about light and painting outdoors. Fine unless you live in the UK!

Talking of lights Alex, my good lady has gone very "Christmas Lights", Every where you look there seems to be a set of twinkling fairy lights. There are so many it takes five minutes to go around the house turning them off. We haven't yet got to the stage of icicles on the roof and Santa on the chimney or reindeer grazing on the lawn but I do return home wondering what new fairy enhancement is going to greet me.

Talking of Fairies one of my favourite paintings is the "Fairy Fellers Master Stroke" by Richard Dadd.

Dadd was quite mad and ended up in Bedlam having killed his father who he believed was the devil. On the up side he was one hell of a painter, hell being the operative word.
Last night I went to the Origin Dyfed AGM thanks for the cake Moira.
Today I did a painting of Carmarthen from Green Castle Corner. Time for a cup of tea now!

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