Thursday, 9 December 2010

Precious Jewels

Today was a bit like watching the grass grow. It wouldn't be so bad the exhibition room is spacious and has good lighting but it is downstairs in a basement. No windows and no connection to the outside. I am an outdoor type person. I never wanted to work in an office. I like camping, sailing, walking and although I don't suffer from claustrophobia I am decided uncomfortable in Tesco's or any big artificially lit stuffy indoor environment.
So 3 days in a bomb shelter even with my most precious jewels, (Alex my wife and my paintings)
is a long time.
We sold cards today and had some enquiries. I also have another commission, so plenty to do.
Last year I did a series of still life paintings for a change . They have all sold and I am now pondering the next series. What size? What objects? What palette (the colours I will be using)?
So I managed to get out for half an hour to peruse the local antique store. I eventually found one decent prop.
The big andvantage of buying items to paint is they don't have to be perfect. I don't care if a Dresden vase is cracked or has chips. I am not a collector. I can paint them or make it look new. This is very helpful when it comes to buying.

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