Saturday, 11 December 2010

LIfe in a Library

Another day at the exhibition. We didn't see many people today probably less than 15 but we did sell several paintings including Carmarthen from the West above.
You would image your archetypical library dweller would be "Mr Squint" with apologies to author Jenny Partridge. I know this is probably politically incorrect but it is also factually incorrect.
I have had the opportunity during the last 5 days to observe the library dwellers and it is a quite varied cross section of the community.
It all boils down to what a library can offer:
Books, yes of course.
Journals and research opportunities.
Warmth and shelter.
Toilets and drinks machine.
Mind expanding opportunities to visit art exhibitions occasionally.
So today for example we saw Geraint, great to see you have a chat and break the monotony.
Upstairs we saw the constant flow of Mr and Mrs Bookworm, no intention to insult anyone. I wear glasses and can often be found lost in a book. Either a reference book on art or a light novel.
Then this afternoon a tramp wandered in to the exhibition looking for a cosy corner to deposit his sleeping apparel. We did have a chat but not wanting to be too much of a sissy about it he did smell and I am itching now thinking about it.
Later a group of young lads (about 16 or 17 years old) playing "high jinks" came in and after intial mutual mistrust and a request to restrain their antics we had a passibly reasonable conversation for ten minutes until they became bored with the artist and left. Story of my life!

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