Monday, 6 December 2010

Absolute zero.

Well just got in after a longish day. Four trips to take paintings, two dog walks, and then a Private View. Well in fact a very Private View. To be honest if we could have contacted every one we would have cancelled because the weather and roads were awful. Nobody should be out in it. Over the last few days many events have been cancelled aournd here and it is a wonder anyone turned up. We had a very convivial meeting with wine and little things on plates. We actually took some money as well so not the best private view but enjoyable. Oh, I also got a commission.
It is minus 5 outside and foggy. We are now settling down for the evening with another glass of wine and something on a plate that is tasty.
The painting above reflects the scene and was sold last week.
Absolute zero by the way is defined as 0 K on the kelvin scale and as −273.15°C on the celcius scale and is the lowest temperature theoretically possible. So it is a bit of an exaggeration but it is and has been cold!

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