Saturday, 18 December 2010

That still life

Today after clearing snow and walking the dogs I got down to working on the still life. As you can see above it is coming on now. The final version may be slightly cropped and I will add the final details over the next few days.
I did succumb (from succumbere, to lie or recline) to the glass of wine and very good it was as well. Fortunately I finished that part first. The plate did have cheese on, no not really. Still lifes are a genre of painting, that of inanimate objects. I don't do a great many but it is nice to have a change. I chose a  Masons Ironstone Mandalay plate because... thats what I had and its nice and intricate.
After painting I watched the rugby on television and now I have Salmon in the oven for supper.
Tomorrow not sure yet.

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