Thursday, 2 December 2010

Colour Sergeant

All sorts today. I took the dogs for a walk in the snow/ice and then went to the dentist. She was obviously in the Christmas Spirit as she didn't charge me! When I got back I was unexpectedly contacted by my Uncle who was looking into the history of his father, my grandfather. Hence the painting above which is one I did of my grandfather in his army uniform with my grandmother in 1916.
I hasten to add I didn't do it at that time! I then spent some time going through records and forwarding them to my Uncle. My grandfather was a Colour Sergeant in the Hampshire Regt. but confusingly he was also in the Warwickshires. I never spoke to him about the war, a missed opportunity I guess, but then again maybe he wouldn't want to be reminded of it.
My grandfather painted and I have his boxwood watercolour box dating back to the 1920's although it isn't practical to use now.
Anyway after that I made lunch walked the dog's again, cut some MDF boards ready to prime tomorrow and then had a pupil come for private tuition (in watercolours).

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