Tuesday, 30 November 2010

David Lloyd George

David Lloyd George a famous Welsh Prime Minister and also a steam engine on the Ffestiniog Railway. We went on this train in the Summer. I admit being a sucker for steam engines and traction engines... I am not a fanatic but I did as a child collect railway engine numbers..

Anyway by way of a change I painted the above yesterday and today.

The setting is generic to the hills around Blaena Ffestiniog and the engine details I got using my photographs as a reference. I then did a drawing to sort out the composition and engine details before getting on with the painting.

The image is pretty poor due to the light when I finished painting today.

Other than paint I haven't done anything else today really taken the dogs out twice and an old friend called around for half an hour.

Alex is on her way back from Sutton in the snow this evening which is a relief we are two extremes of culinary ability. I can't, she is wonderful.

Tomorrow I am painting in the gallery.

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