Friday, 10 December 2010

Slow Period

Today was again pretty deadly quiet we sold a painting of the valley and Paxton's Tower not the one above but from a similar position. We also sold quite a few cards and got another commission so the week is working out okay if not terrific. So it looks like Tiny Tim will have a goose for Christmas!
Tomorrow will be a test as the Scarlets are playing and we will miss the game, I hope its worth it. I spoke to another artist today who is going through a slow period. She is a very fine artist and popular so things must be getting difficult.
Touch Wood ~ we have been doing well generally and still have work lined up but who is to say when things could change?
I had someone around the exhibition who was learning how to paint in oils and it was nice to give them the abc's of surface preparation and its history. They seemed very interested and were still awake when I concluded that they had enough for one day.
(I do recall giving a technical talk on composition and was unsure at the end whether one member of the audience was asleep or had expired completely).

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