Sunday, 5 December 2010


Here is the painting I did yesterday. It went swimmingly well! That is more than you can say about today. Icy roads and the computer went into lockdown. It started when we attached the new printer. After we bought the new printer the errant old one started to behave under the threat of the bright new machine in its box sat next to it. Today however it gave up and we uploaded the software for the new printer which resulted either coincedentally or otherwise in a complete freeze of the computer.

As Alex was in the middle of printing cards labels et. al. for the exhibition this was not greeted with amusement.

In the end Alex went out and delivered three framed prints to a customer and I sat trying to out smart (out guess would be more accurate) this machine. After three frustrating hours Mrs Compaq was working again.

Unfortunately the weather forecast for tomorrow is not great and our Private View could well suffer. Still there's not much we can do about it. Maybe its time to have a glass of pre-dinner wine!

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