Saturday, 4 December 2010


The painting above is of Feryside and was sold today. Ferryside is on the mouth of the River Towy or Tywi. Here Ferryside is seen from the opposite bank, Llansteffan Beach. We have often sailed the estuary and seen some interesting sights. One day we were sailing down the estuary when we saw an old biplane which was clearly in trouble. It sputtered and yawed and landed heavily in a field above Ferryside. We later learned that it had suffered engine problems, no-one was injured fortunately and the plane was later taken away by road.
On another occasion a small yacht had gone aground off the beach. A man was up to his waist in water pushing the boat off the sand. All the sails were up and suddenly a gust of wind blew the boat off the sandbank with the sailor hanging off the stern of the boat being dragged through the water in a spray of water like a drunken surfer. Fortunately the boat eventually turned into wind and stopped with the sails flapping allowing the bedraggled sailor to clamber on board before any serious mishap befell him.
Anway today I didn't take the dogs first thing due to a layer of black ice over the drive, roads and footpath. I did do a painting and then with some sort of thaw taking place carefully ventured out.
The above painting was then collected by a lovely couple from Cardiff. I went food shopping while Alex framed a couple of prints that had been ordered.
Tomorrow we start packing paintings and getting labels etc. for the exhibition.

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