Monday, 20 December 2010


The above painting Cattle near Libanus sold last week in a gallery. Libanus is on the Brecon to Merthyr Road and you can see part of the Brecon Beacons in the background. It is a very warm painting (predominently browns as opposed to blues). This is in sharp contrast to the walk I had this morning.
I was still without a car and walked in to Carmarthen and out to Tesco's and back to get some provisions.
The pavments were slippy with dirty snow and ice but it was a nice bracing walk.
I then made a stew for Alex and her mother who had decided to risk the bad weather to get home. I put a steew on then found time to potch with my painting of Tretower. Having looked at it there were a couple of areas I was unhappy with. There was a lack of overall harmony. Basically I felt that the foreground needed to reflect the colours of the sky to unify the painting. Also the hill on the right was a bit dark.
Anway I am fairly happy with it now but don't rule out a final amendment. 
Alex and her mom got home after a 6 hour drive.It normally takes three hours. The M4 was apparently pretty bad with snow but worse going the otherway as it was completely blocked by a jacknifed Royal Mail lorry.

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