Friday, 3 December 2010


This is a painting of the Preseli Mountains in Pembrokeshire I did last week. It is a view from Treffgarne a small settlement dating back to Medieval times. The painting is from a sketch I did previously, although I have painted there previously last November. The actual spot is very exposed and I stood, having carried my easel 2 miles in a biting wind. I had to hold down the easel with one hand and paint with the other in between wiping my nose. It was more of an endurance test than a painting session.
The Preseli's are the source of the Bluestone used in "Stonehenge".
Today I have been preparing boards and decorating. I often use MDF boards for painting. Originally oils were painted on wood panels. As paintings became larger a stretched canvas was used. Canvas is fine to use as a support and I do use it occasionally.
Boards however are solid and the brush doesn't move around so much when painting on it. Board is also more stable and there is less chance of paint cracking and peeling. The great advantage for me is that I can choose exactly what size I want to use and I can prepare it as smooth as I wish depending on the painting I am going to do. The sharper and finer I want to paint the smoother I prepare the board.
I generally triple prime my boards and rub them down in between coats of primer. As I was waiting for them to dry today I was painting skirting boards!

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