Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Secret Garden

We had the grandchildren today well a couple of them. Alex took one shopping and I kept an eye on the other. I did manage to sketch out and do the under painting for a new painting, the secret garden pictured above. It may look a bit scruffy at this stage but it should be fine. I have used a wash of turps and crimson alizarin on the board initially. I have then outlined the figure from a sketch. Then I have modelled the figure to some extent with a darker thin wash.

It should be dry enough tomorrow to start adding a thicker layer with turps and linseed oil medium. I don't always paint using this method it just depends on the subject and the effect I am after.

I would really like to have been outside with my easel but you can’t have everything.

I was going to take our grandson for a walk up through the woods with the dog but at present he is glued to the TV and I can see its just going to be too much effort to drag him away. He may get fed up and I can try then.

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