Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Mrs Deakin Castle Inn ~ Knucklas

I have had a varied experience of life and have visited many hostelries. From drinking clubs in Upper Parliament St, Toxteth, Liverpool 8 where the windows and doors were corrugated iron and you only bought beer in an unopened bottle standing with your back to the wall. To the other extreme the Castle Inn Knucklas.

It is some thirty plus years since I last went to the Castle Inn. It was run by Mrs Deakin a widow who must have been in her eighties? The bar or lounge was her front room. It had a wooden floor with a few seats around the walls. She had a barrel on a stand that she needed help tapping. It was most engaging and she was full of lovely tales. On the wall she had a train ticket purchased by her late husband during the war that was from a small station in Italy to Knucklas. She had also I recall a glass case with a fox in it. These types of Pubs are long gone and we are the poorer for it.

The Castle Inn is still going but under new ownership. Still I will remember with a smile the evenings I walked to the Castle to have a pint in Mrs Deakin’s front room.

Last night I went to a presentation by Terry Morris the new Ambassador to the Arts for Carmarthenshire. It was refreshing to hear someone with new ideas and a real positive attitude.

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