Tuesday, 26 April 2011


The watercolour above is of Snowdon and although fine in itself representing what was present as a picture it is lacking somewhere in subject and tone. Classical composition would say that there should be dark tone, mid-tone and light or high light. These should also balance against each other. There is an insufficiency of both to my mind.
You learn in life that you should never take things at face value. It is easy to make assumptions without knowing the facts. I will give you a brief funny personal example. When Alex and I were engaged I used to box. I also played rugby, badly I admit but I think it is a wonderful game. Anyway as a result of my boxing I used to suffer from nose bleeds.

On occasions a pint of beer would be sufficient to start a torrent of blood streaming from my nose.

One evening we were sitting down enjoying a quiet pint in a Pub when my nose erupted. I went outside and stood over a drain with Alex next to me. As I was bent over with a stream of blood running into the gutter two Ladies walked by, one of whom remarked loudly, “How disgusting!”

If I had been in a position to laugh I would have done but clearly they saw something totally different to that which was actually going on.

I had my nose quarterized twice before I was cured of this affliction. That in itself was an interesting sensation. Having a soldering iron pushed up your nasal passage does make you wince a bit.

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