Thursday, 14 April 2011


I found time to finish the painting of Abergwili in the studio the other day. So there it is above. One of our granddaughter’s goes to school in Abergwili but I guess the village will recover from it eventually. She is a spitfire, a real live wire, funny, but on the go all the time.

We have all been busy today with removal men and everything so all a bit chaotic. Alex and I have moved house on eight occasions so we are pretty used to it, although we have lived in this house over twenty years. Still Alex’s mother now has a home and is happy. My dentist God Bless her did the right thing by my tooth and there is now a vacant place where the scoundrel used to be.

I started to read a James Joyce book, I got nowhere with it. I persevered for 90 pages and then asked the question,  "Do I want to waste x hours of the remaining y hours of my life reading this?" The answer was a resounding “NO”.

I know at the time it was supposedly modern and groundbreaking  but I just found it boring, full of bleak conversation and going nowhere. Maybe I just couldn’t get to grips with the poor grammar. Who knows? Anyway its going back to the library in nearly the same state as it arrived part virgin. As more of the front pages than the back pages are well thumbed I may not be the only person to have only read the first few chapters.

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