Friday, 22 April 2011

Gellilydan Farm North Wales

The watercolour above is on a cartridge paper and is a page in my sketchbook. You can see the ring binding at the top. It shows a farm in North Wales near Trawsfynydd. Watercolours on cartridge paper can be very nice paintings in themselves. The water sits on the surface of the paper a lot longer than on watercolour paper and pools. This can produce a very pleasing effect. That is if it is of good quality.

I recently bought a sketchbook from a well-known manufacturer and found that the surface broke up when you added water. I was not pleased least of all because I was away at the time I first used it and didn’t have the chance to replace it for several days. I am quite particular when buying materials for this very reason. But as you can see it can still go wrong.

I did a watercolour today and Alex framed a couple of pictures. I am not sure about tomorrow yet.

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