Tuesday, 5 April 2011

David Cowdry Exhibition

Okay so yesterday was one of those days. We went to the DOT Foundry to get some prints and everything there was fine. Sian is excellent and does a superb job at colour matching, no wonder they have won awards as best fine art printers.

We then fetched my mother from hospital and then the problems started. There were two issues with regard to her care and wealth fare that had been messed up. I won’t bother with the details but it took us all night to sort out. Also we discovered a large financial matter that we had to deal with, not of our own making. So although none of it was life threatening it was all disappointing and downright frustrating.

Today was another day and that started with a power cut. I stretched some paper and then varnished a couple of paintings. Alex went to the Bank and I picked up granddaughter number 3.

Now things began to look up. We went to the David Cowdry Exhibition, fantastic, brilliant artist. We had lunch with him and caught up on the news. His opening night was hugely successful with over 200 people cramming in and a majority of the paintings being sold that night. This is no mean feat with average prices over £1000 a painting plus a few little ones to suit the smaller purse. He deserves his success he works hard and is supremely talented.

The painting above is by David Cowdry and is an example of his work.

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