Sunday, 10 April 2011

Paxton's Tower

The drawing above is of Paxton’s Tower, which dominates the skyline of the Towy Valley. I have done several watercolours in varying styles from this drawing.

Yesterday started quite well but unfortunately my mother was taken into hospital again in the afternoon so it was a bit of a long night. Got up early for a walk through the woods and over the top of Penlanfos.

When I got back Alex was already in the garden. This morning will be back to hospital and hopefully mom will be back out if she is improved.

Yesterday I said I worked for a while cleaning coaches. Well to finish the story I carried on walking to work and back the five miles after I ditched my bike. The boss was not a very personable man and to my mind treated me pretty poorly for little reward. I worked from 6pm to 6am with about a half hour break and to be fair I was very conscientious.

One day he was particularly obnoxious. I have to say his sense of timing wasn’t great.

A number of coaches on a Friday had to be made ready to go off to the continent. This was always the busiest time. I was the only cleaner and he chose to be downright rude when the passengers were starting to arrive and a half dozen coaches waiting to be done.

I picked up my coat and told him to keep his job and the poor pittance outstanding to me and walked out.

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