Monday, 11 April 2011


I have previously mentioned our old car a Lanchester of about 1934 vintage. I found a picture of it today. It shows the car with my father brother and sister. It would actually make a nice painting. It was taken in the Cotswolds where we frequently went when we were young. Note the matching headlights, Little and Large. The car eventually ground to a halt and was sold for £5. My father bought a series of vans when we were a bit older. They were cheaper than an equivalent car and he used to put an old bus seat in the back for us to sit on. It probably wouldn’t pass the European Safety requirements today, do you think? We used to have fun bouncing around in the back even though it wasn’t the height of comfort.

Yesterday I found time to do a watercolour in between visiting and shopping. Today I delivered a painting, started the drawing for another, and collected my mother from hospital.

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