Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Alex pictured above sleeping has been pretty busy the last few weeks. She has been helping and arranging for the purchase of her mother’s new house, looking after grandchildren, helping with my mother, framing, making
  cards and doing prints. I think we will be ready for a break.

Anyway this morning she has been framing some of the still life series. The moulding she originally ordered comes from Italy and was not in stock. It came the other day and she is in full swing. I must admit she made a good choice they look pretty good.

I walked the dog had breakfast then grabbed the car to go off and do a painting in Abergwili. I reckoned I had about an hour and a quarter to spare before the car was needed to pickup one of the grandchildren. I made a bit of a mistake in that it was sunny and I only had a short-sleeved shirt and jacket on. It was freezing. Still I made a good start on the painting and had a word with a couple of passers bye before I had to come home.

My mother was on the phone to my sister today and apparently asked,

“ Can we have a holiday in the Falklands?”

Bless her she is 90+ and can only just remember who I am. But to be fair when she was in her 70’s she flew out to the Falklands in a Hercules via Ascension Island and has pretty much travelled the world, including USSR and Siberia during the cold war and Red China when Mao was still in charge.

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